29 October 2017, 5pm
Duration: 1 hour
Price: €5,00 - €11,00
Venue: Vilnius Congress Hall
Saksofonas, luperis ir klarnetas Vytautas Labutis
Piano Rokas Zubovas
Gitara, rubaba Artūras Šlipavičius-Šlipas
Fagotas, luperis, procesorius, dudukas Andrius Puplauskis
Tūba, procesorius Darius Bažanovas
Percussion Laimonas Staniulionis


Musical improvisations on themes by painter Artūras Šlipavičius-Šlipas


Haruspicy is the ancient art of divination (practiced by Romans and Etruscans), which involved reading signs from the enthrails of animal sacrifices and unusual natural phenomena such as solar and lunar eclipses, lightning and others. The musical action entitled Haruspicy is composed of six musical improvisations on six remarkable paintings by Artūras Šlipavičius-Šlipas. Bringing together music, light and new technology with the participation of six musicians, this interactive experience will help the audience discover the intriguing meanings and cultural codes of the six monumental works of art.

The collaborative project features six artists, each of whom brings his own unique contribution to the creative process. Artist and musician Artūras Šlipavičius-Šlipas, who founded the avant-garde rock band Everything that is beautiful is beautiful in 1987, has won a great many international awards as a painter and for the last few decades has co-authored a number of interactive art projects with the saxophonist Vytautas Labutis, one of the most notable personalities on the Lithuanian jazz scene, always open for the most varied scenic expressions. In this project their stage partners will include one of the brightest Lithuanian bassoon virtuousos, a great chamber musician Andrius Puplauskis, who has also mastered the ancient Armenian duduk; the tuba player Darius Bažanovas, known for his bold experimenting with styles and genres; the percussionist of different bands and musical projects, a fan of exotic instruments, Laimonas Staniulionis; and a renowned classical musician, pianist Rokas Zubovas, who is always eager to accept the challenge of the most unexpected creative experiments.