17 May 2020, 12pm
Duration: 1 hour
Price: €4,00 - €11,00
Venue: Vilnius Congress Hall (Vilniaus Str. 6-1, Vilnius)
Group Ensembles of the Vilnius Karoliniškės Music School:


Works by Lithuanian and foreign composers.

The ensembles of students of Vilnius Karoliniškės Music School will paint this afternoon with the most beautiful musical colours. Different soloists, choirs, instrumentalists and orchestras shall create a multi-coloured musical stained glass during the traditional concert of autumn, presenting many works of different Lithuanian and foreign composers to the audience. From accordions to big bands, from brass to folklore, young musicians with their talents will create the perfect spring mood!

Not too many people are aware of the fact that, with a history of over four decades, the Karoliniškės Music School is one of the largest music schools in Lithuania. In this school, more than 1,100 schoolchildren learn to play the piano, string and wind instruments, percussion, various folk instruments and the accordion. Other school subjects include choral and solo singing, solfeggio, history of music and music composition. School ensembles are active participants of various music festivals, including the Lithuanian Song Festivals.


  • 50% off for youth up to 26 years of age. Valid for one ticket when purchased at the Vilnius Congress Hall Box Office upon providing a valid identity document (except for tickets to family concerts).
  • 20% off for senior and disabled people. Valid for two tickets when purchased at the Vilnius Congress Hall Box Office upon providing a valid identity document.
  • 20% off for groups. Valid for groups of 20 or more people. The organiser of the group gets two complimentary tickets to the concert attended by the group.

Discounts do not apply for standing-room and additional-seat tickets.

An extra charge of 1 euro by Tiketa UAB is excluded (discount not applicable).