28 December 2017, 7pm
Duration: 2 hours
Price: €19,00 - €40,00
Venue: Vilnius Congress Hall (Vilniaus Str. 6-1, Vilnius)
Soloist / Soloists EVELINA SAŠENKO
Soloist / Soloists JERONIMAS MILIUS


Highlights from movie soundtracks


Have you ever dreamt of feeling like a character in a movie? Enjoy the experience at our gala concert starring the wonderful soloists Evelina Sašenko and Jeronimas Milius with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius: the most beautiful film music of all times will take you to the magic world of movies. It is not by chance that at the most incredible, amazing and memorable moments of life we say that we feel like a movie: in motion pictures, which are actually the reflections of our life stories arranged in an elaborate puzzle, we find our dreams fulfilled. By watching a movie we can travel to distant lands, experience infinite love and most exciting adventures, forget our problems and most importantly – enrich our lives with colourful, deep feelings. The captivating film music makes an integral part of this subtle experience, and tonight you will hear it not as a soundtrack, but performed live.

Your two companions in this musical film journey will be the singer of alluring charm and velvet voice  Evelina Sašenko and the charismatic rocker Jeronimas Milius. The bold and committed musician Evelina Sašenko has completed a vocal jazz programme at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and has participated in various contests, festivals and popular projects including Love Stories According to Edith Piaf, Chopin Jazz Inn and All That Cabaret. Her partner on stage, the owner of an extraordinary voice, Jeronimas Milius is not only the leader of the rock band Soul Stealers, but also one of the brightest performers of musical theatre in Lithuania. He played the main roles in hugely popular musicals such as The Legend of Zygimantas Augustas and Barbora Radvilaite, The Count of Monte Cristo, Carmen, to name a few. For this remarkable holiday season event the two amazing soloists will team up with Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius.