10 June 2021, 8pm
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Price: €19,00 - €39,00
Venue: Vilnius Picture Gallery Courtyard (Didžioji Str. 4, Vilnius)
Soloist / Soloists Povilas Meškėla, Česlovas Gabalis and Jeronimas Milius
Orchestra Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius

Programme includes songs by “Depeche Mode”,” Queen”, Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, “Bon Jovi”, other bands and artists


Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by its artistic director and chief  conductor maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius, invites to celebrate the magical winter holidays together with the best Lithuanian rock performers Povilas Meškėla, Česlovas Gabalis, Jeronimas Milius and one of the most successful projects of all time “Rock Ballads”. The circle of "Rock Ballads" fans is growing every year – this project attracts both rock and symphony music lovers. In fact, those who already attended “Rock Ballads”, are now convinced: once experienced, it cannot be forgotten! What is the secret of this magic?  Professionalism, creativity, charisma and good emotions. We guarantee that you will take them home with you tonight!

On this evening, P. Meškėla, Č. Gabalis and J. Milius, vocalists and leaders of rock bands that have already become legends and have been graced with talent and special charisma, will perform the most famous hits of rock classics together with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra. “Depeche Mode”, “Queen”, Bryan Adams, Billy Idol, “Bon Jovi” – these are the names of international superstars. Their music illuminates an entire epoch of music, which formed the musical preferences of several generations. Largest auditoriums, millions of sold records and crowds of fans all over the world – these elements justify the fact that these bands were important elements of cultural history. Their songs turned into parts of every music lover’s life, and their lyrics are still sung by heart by thousands of people – the words contain the spirit of unbound love, freedom and rebellion, unrestricted by time. Go crazy together with us, we will definitely not stop you – after all, everything is possible with these three charming rockers!